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best of both worlds

[[best of both worlds]]
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[[best of both worlds]]
a Hannah Montana roleplay

welcome to best of both worlds, a Hannah Montana roleplay, opened the 20th of August, 2006, by starrphishe.

the gang are sophomores in high school at Seaview High School (wow, what a creative name, huh?).
all characters other than Jackson and his friends are to be sophomores.
Jackson is a senior, and therefore, so are his friends, like Cooper and whatnot.
don't assume anything else other than this.

Mary Sues are unacceptable. please read this article to avoid creating one. this quiz is nice too.
you must be accepted by a maintainer before beginning to roleplay.
you must create a unique LJ for your character once accepted.
you must fill out the entire application to be accepted.
you must third-person comment-post in a roleplay post at least twice a week.
you must first-person post in your character's LJ at least once a week.
you must post on your character's LJ and the community's LJ if you are going to be away.
all roleplay posts shall be posted to the community and accepted by the moderator.
all roleplay posts must have the in-game date (see below), location, and characters listed at the beginning, with the third-person roleplay post following in an LJ-cut.
all aim logs are to be posted with in-game date, location, and characters as above, with the log following in an LJ-cut.
please try not to have your character in two places at once; it's unrealistic and can become rather confusing.
in your audition, put "you get the limo out front" as the subject of the comment to prove you've read the rules!
keep it PG-13 (or T if you prefer fanfiction ratings).
all posts in the community must be friends-only.
there will be no powerplaying, god-moding, or mind reading. when you reply to a post, pretend that all you know about the character's current situation is that which they are telling your character, and don't infer anything from the thoughts written in their post. it's really pathetic! you can, however, infer from their actions, as some people are very gifted in knowing if a person is sad, hurt, etc. from how they act. just don't mind read.
don't have a major plot twist, like newfound siblings or pregnancy, without first contacting the moderator and getting permission.
everything has to be realistic to the series (canon). magic is NOT allowed, nor are psychic abilities, superpowers, etc. it doesn't fit in with the major plot and I don't like it.
her name is spelled Lilly, don't try and tell me otherwise. if it were "Lily," the episode wouldn't be called "Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?" now, would it?
it's spelled etc., not ect., because it's "et cetera" not "ec tetera." got it?!
I know it seems like a lot of rules, but they're pretty much obvious and really important to a good game.

in the auditions post, please fill out the following application for canon character:

please fill out the following application for original characters:
Original characters are again open. Some guys would be nice--please consider it.

please note that good grammar and spelling must be demonstrated and all posts (not just the application, but the actual posts) must be longer than three sentences.
once accepted, please comment with the character LJ.

Lilly Truscott: needed
Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana: played by Katie (no personal journal), char journal smiley_miley10
Oliver Oken: played by lovely_pirate, char journal smoken_oken
Jackson Stewart: played by steffievans26, char journal stomach_face
Jessie Harforth: played by ziirax, char journal jessiemagicxx
Tessie Collins: played by tf_4_life_476, char journal tennesseebeauty
Roseanne Carter: played by pickles1887, char journal thorny_rosey
Haylei Spencer: played by pickles1887, char journal silent_shadow13
Hallie "Kat" Katherine Brown: played by nekoluvr3, char journal halliekat17
Spencer "Spence" Copeland: played by starrphishe, char journal spence_cope
Kelly Vega: played by uhohxitskatelyn, char journal k_e_l_l_y_v
Justin Troup: played by drama_chick07, no char journal yet

comment here to become one

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header image by starrphishe, base image from emilyosmentfan.com